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Our games

Mine field

There are 54 cells in front of the player. The task is to create a safe path through the “Minefield” before your opponent. If a player makes a wrong move all the previously placed chips on the field are moved out of the field and the player restarts his path.


This is a board game where your moves would be literally chained. Players need to surround the Game Master’s comet by moving their satellites, which are connected together. Just remember that in this game each pair of satellites is not only chained together and can block the enemy’s items but could also get itself blocked in. Additionally, the moving distance of your satellites is determined by the different chain lengths. Watch out, the comets are also not static!


Both the Master and Player are facing the Golden Block Pyramid. The Master and Player take turns in taking one block per turn from any level of the Golden Pyramid (except the one below an incomplete top level) and placing it on the top level in order to complete it. Whoever makes a movement that results the pyramid fall loses the game.

13 Constellations

In this game the Master and player balance eggs on a spiral with nails, trying to beat each other’s time. Whoever sets up 13 eggs of their colour first, wins. If the eggs fall you have to start the challenge from the beginning.


The goal of the game is very straight forward – find the exit out of the labyrinth.
Competing for time against the Game Master, the player would move the ball from the centre of the labyrinth to the exit. The labyrinth is set on a special round base that allows simple control of one or more balls.

10 Balls

In the 10 Balls game you are challenged to test your visual memory. You have five seconds to remember the colors and order of the 10 balls that are laying in the center row before they become hidden. Then the player has to recreate the correct sequence of colours on their field, trying to beat the Game Master.

Gear eating

You choose the colour of your gears and make moves on one or two cells. The one cell move creates a new gear while the two cell doesn’t create any gear. If you touch your enemy’s gears while making your turn you take all of the enemy’s gears you have touched.
The point of the game is to fill the majority of the field with the gears of your colour. The game ends when the players run out of turns.


The game field is divided into 36 squares (six on each side). The surface of the game field is covered with 35 tiles that can be easily moved around the field horizontally or vertically. Three of the fields have one of their corners cut off. The prize is hidden in the centre of the field. The goal of this game is to get all the “special” tiles in the centre which allows you to get a golden coin.


You start with an empty field of pins and three starting gears: gold, silver and black (neutral). In your turn you can place a gear of your colour (gold or silver) on any pin or move any gear except the starting one. After the move you have to turn your starting gear and (surprise!) it has to rotate. If it doesn’t rotate you lose.
There are two ways of winning the game: the first one is to create a situation when your enemy won’t be able to free his starting gear free in one turn. The second way is to make the neutral gear rotate before your opponent does. There are two basic rules: you cannot block the starting gears and you cannot put three same-coloured gears together since they would create a block.


Each player is at opposing sides of the game scales, where they place four coins in each of the six bowls.
The big bowls stay empty in the beginning of the game. When a player makes a turn, they remove all of the coins out of one bowl on their side of the scales. Then, moving from left to right, the player throws coins into the bowls, one coin per bowl. If the last coin lands into their big bowl on the big scales the player gets another turn. When the player throws the last coin into an empty bowl on the game scales, they win coins from the opponent’s bowl that are right against theirs. The game ends when one of the players has no coins remaining. His opponent moves the rest of his coins into his on the scales. The player with the largest amount of coins wins.


Players take turns trying to get their discs into the center hole of the game board or into areas with a higher score. As players are competing for the point, they try to drive the opponent’s discs off the playing field or into the area with a lower score. If the opponent’s discs are already on the playing field then the disc you are playing or any of your discs must touch at least one of the opponent’s discs as you strike.
If the player’s disk shot did not touch a single opponent’s disc then he removes his disc in the slot. If your disks were touched during the shot but not a single opponent’s disk was touched then all the touched disks are removed into the slot, even if your disk fell into the central hole.
At the end of the game players count points. The one with the most points wins.

Sumito Tower

In this game you can move one, two or three marble balls (marbles) at the same time.
•One marble can be moved to the next cell.
•Two or three marbles that are connected to each other and are located on one line can be moved as a group.
A player can push their opponent's marbles (a "sumito") that are in a line to their own with an in-line move only. The marbles must be pushed to an empty cell or off the board. The opponent’s balls can be pushed out if the pushing line has more marbles than the pushed line (three can push one or two; two can push one). The winner is the first player to push six of the opponent's marbles off of the edge of the board

20 Sticks

The Master and player take turns removing sticks from the table. Each can take out one, two or three sticks. Whoever removes the last one loses.


The players need to remove as many geometric shapes as they can without tipping the balance of the disc. The winner is the one who collects more shapes than their opponent before the disc collapses.

Tic Tac Toe

The players take turns in laying out X’s and O’s on the 5x5 field. The first one who succeeds in placing 4 of their marks in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins the game.

Poker on dice

The player throws five dice and tries to get the highest poker combination. Their score depends on the combination value and the amount of throws it took the player to get it. The player has a maximum of three throws in a turn. The winner is the first one who scores 1000 in total.


Players take turns knocking out random cubes without dropping the hourglass in the centre of the game field. The player who drops the hourglass loses.

Our game programs for events

Do you have any ideas for your event? Would you like to make it ordinary or special?

Our event programs could be a great addition to your party!
Bringing new energy and intrigue to the party, our gameplay could take place in an office, in a restaurant or could be a team competition in a country club

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The Fortuna’s kiss

Don’t miss your fortune! “The Fortune has smiled on me,” or “The fortune turned away from me,” people say. Why are some lucky while others are not?
All the guilt for that lays on Fiasco – Fortune’s mysterious sister who never gets invited to any parties.


We find ourselves in a classic spy movie atmosphere, full of surprises and mysteries. With help of a rich spy armory the secret agents are fighting against the key figure of the evil forces – the financial genius of the criminal world Le Cipher. This venturous villain will offer all the participants to go all in, while there would bet not only the participant’s lives at stake but also a giant vault filled with cash.


FORT BOYARD Nostalgia is an interactive game where the team has to get through many intellectual challenges to win keys and prompts to acquire the treasures of the Fort.

Alice in Wonderland

This program is a spectacular theatre show, which is based on the Lewis Carroll’s book and performed by a creative group combined of your guests and professional performers. Imagine that a curious team of friends got a magic key that opens the door into a fairy tale. Would you go down the rabbit hole?

Beware of Rabbits

This time a brave team is going to bring the enchanted world back to life and release it from its ice chains. Everyone at the event is going to solve a lot of Ice Queen’s puzzles as well as march boldly into a dangerous battle with the Sly Rabbits. Their journey would be rewarded with lots of presents, delightful memories and even some dreams coming true.


All of a sudden your guests find themselves in the middle of a very intriguing situation surrounded by the racy London slums habitants. Everyone tries to hit the jackpot on their own. It doesn’t matter who you were before this moment, nor your position or social status. The only thing that you need now is to be slightly smarter and faster than everyone else and to be on the roll today, then the jackpot is in your pocket. The rules are very simple: only the strongest win.

The Carnival of Venice

If your event takes place in the gorgeous Venetian Carnival, your guests will not be able to forget it. This program is for people who love and play intellectual games, have a taste for mysteries and puzzles which are complemented with a good sense of humor and for those who believe in miracles. We play simultaneous game sessions with guests throughout the course of the event.

The Treasure Island

The pirate chests with gold piasters from adventure books are still stirring in our imagination. But not many lucky ones were able to solve the mystery and find myriad treasures. Fortunately, your team will be given that chance after landing on one of the tropical islands for a treasure hunt.

The Apocalypse Chronicle: a Business Game

The team game The Apocalypse Chronicle is based on the famous strategy game Civilization. Every player has to lead their nation through the centuries, starting from a primitive society all the way to high-tech civilization while reaching a higher level than their competitors to win.

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8 masters + 8 games + delivery

96,000 rub.


10 masters + 10 games + delivery

120,000 rub.

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